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Trees offer a lot to a landscape. They look good, provide shade, freshen the air, give fruit and absorb noise. With these benefits and more it is no surprise that trees add property value.

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When we have trees around our homes, it is sometimes necessary to trim them back or even remove a tree in order to prevent property damage.

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Tree trimming may seem like a simple task but if tree limbs are cut improperly it can severely damage the health and well-being of your trees.

Georgia Lawn and Tree Solutions – Tree Trimming and Removal

We all know the hassles of trimming trees or uprooting them from the ground,but we also can’t just leave them there to grow out of control. Your backyard or should not look like a jungle! At Georgia Lawn andTree Solutions, we offer these tree trimming and removal services in Woodstock and Marietta GA:

Tree Removal

Large trees can be very dangerous. They could fall and their branches could hurt pedestrians or family members. They could also block roads and destroy parts of your home. To prevent danger and property damage,you’ll have to remove trees that cause obstruction. Here at Georgia Tree Solutions LLC, we remove any tree from your property, bigor small, that may be posing as danger to people. Our experience darborists have the proper equipment and skills to safely removebranches and trees from your home, power lines or other surroundings.We can even remove difficult-to-reach branches through our cranes and bucket trucks.

EmergencyTree Removal

You never know what Mother Nature will do next. During a storm, snow or windy day, branches could easily be thrown from trees and are very likely to be a problem. They can fall on your roof or block roads.This is why Georgia Tree Solutions LLC offers 24-hour emergency tree removal services in Woodstock and Marietta, GA. You never know when a problem may arise, but we will be there for you whenever you need us! Whether it is in the middle of a storm or at 2 A.M., we will be there to help you with your tree removal needs.


Trimming trees may sound like an easy task. However, improper trimming or cutting may not only damage the health of your trees but also eventually make them weak and die. At Georgia Tree Solutions LLC, we have years of hand-on experience trimming and caring for trees to maintain their health. Improperly trimmed trees may suffer from cavity formation, weakened limbs, insect infestation, disease and death. We will help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Our professional tree trimming services will help maintain the health, structure, and beautiful appearance of your trees. We have the knowledge and specialized equipment to know what your trees need,whether your problem is weak, damaged, diseased trucks or hanging, hazardous limbs. We will come in and make them look magnificent!

Some tree trimmers use “tree topping,” which is cutting just the top of the tree. This is not a recommended technique because it can actually weaken or even kill your tree. Here at Georgia Tree Solutions LLC, we carefully trim each branch and encourage new growth that will also help the structural integrity of your tree.

We also offer packages depending on your trees’ needs. Some trees only need to be trimmed once a year while there are those that need more frequent attention. Let us help you determine the best package foryour trees at home or at your business property. Our company is fully licensed and bonded with highly trained and experienced staff to help you get the best tree removal and trimming services each time you call us.

Contact Georgia Tree Solutions LLC in Woodstock today and speak with one of our experiences tree trimmers, or our owner Jonathan Bennett. Mr.Bennett still oversees all tree trimming and removal work done by our company. We can give you a free quote and you can experience first-hand the friendly service and dedication we have that has made Georgia Tree Solutions LLC in Woodstock a trusted name for years!